May 3, 2016  

Heated Pitot    
Gretz GA-1000 Heated Pitot

The GA-1000 is a totally new design of a heated pitot tube. It is molded from a very high-tech polymer material that has nearly the same thermal conductivity as metal.


This new design has electronics embedded in the pitot tube. It also comes with a small electronic control module that will mount close to the pitot tube in the wing. This electronic control module controls the heat of the pitot and provides information to the pilot regarding thermal and heater performance of the pitot tube.


This information is presented  by  way of a 3/16 inch diameter multi-conductor cable that has a very small circuit board with three LED's  on it. This LED circuit board is already attached to the cable. The LED circuit board is designed to be placed behind the panel and allow  the LED's to protrude through the panel at a convenient location to the pilot.


The three LED's are:

Green = circuits are working and pitot temperature is well above freezing
Yellow = current is being provided to the heater due to low temperature
Red     = pitot temperature is low and the pitot needs heat.


There will be times when one or two LED's will be lit. If no LED's are lit, there is a problem with power getting to the pitot tube.


The GA-1000 is great for small electrical generating systems in light aircraft. The heater in the GA-1000 draws 7 Amps, and that is only  when  the electronic control module calls for heat. The heater will cycle on and off as needed to maintain the proper temperature. During the times when heat is not needed or called for, the electronic control module draws less than 0.1 Amp.


The GA-1000 heated pitot tube comes complete with: GA-1000 heated pitot tube, electronic control module, LED circuit board and cable, screws for pitot tube to mounting bracket installation, mounting hardware for mounting the electronic control module, and of course, complete instructions.


The GA-1000 pitot tube has a very sleek and modern shape that is pleasing to the eye. It is very dark  grey to black in color. If the builder feels the need, it can be painted with automotive high temperature engine paint. This is available at most auto parts stores.


The GA-1000 comes with mounting screws to mount the pitot tube to the CBK-12 or PBK-12 Mounting Bracket Kit.


Part Number:  GA-1000         USD425.00


Mounting Bracket Kit are not included with the pitot and are ordered separately.


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